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TOTEM’s Spiritual Transformation Coaching is ideal for anyone wanting to dig deeper in their lives and take steps to align their soul’s purpose with their career, education, lifestyle, and relationships. What did you come into this life to accomplish? Do you want to build your own spiritual practice? Do you want to learn about your innate psychic abilities and how to leverage these skills in everyday life? Are you contemplating launching a new purpose-led business or
spiritual practice?


If so, this Spiritual Transformation Coaching service is for you.
I currently organize this service in
three specific formats:
1. Hourly coaching
2. One month intensive
3. Three-month transformation.

The Spiritual Transformation Coaching program is offered remotely, via Zoom.

Pricing and details are provided during our FREE consultation.


This isn’t an accountability program or generic personal development experience. Rather, armed with more than two decades’ of intensive spiritual practice with real-world experience, Rachel shares cross-cultural insights, tools, best practices and lessons learned unmatched by any other spiritual coach—all with a focus on pragmatic, daily application.


Our TOTEM intake assessment and coaching methodology are proprietary, leveraging a unique combination of Kabbalah mysticism, sacred geometry, the chakras, shamanism and more, identifying your unique spiritual “fingerprint”, psychic gifts, and life’s purpose.


All work is individual and organized around the specific attributes and interests of the client meaning that this program is immediately tailored to each clients’ unique needs.


At TOTEM, we really do have the best clients, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with so many of you in an intensive, long-term dynamic. We’ve included (below) some feedback from TOTEM Spiritual Transformation Coaching Clients:


“I met Rachel when she hosted a shamanic journeying session and immediately appreciated her straight forward, pragmatic, practical approach. I trusted her instantly, and if you have engaged with people in the medium/psychic/energy space trust is a big deal. When she offered the spiritual coaching opportunity, I knew I had to sign up. And I am not a signer-upper by nature, but it was loud and clear that I should commit to this work, and do it with Rachel. My energy and spiritual life immediately started to elevate, even before I started the program. If you have been looking for a spiritual home to bring more intuitive skills into your life Rachel is that guide. As I told Rachel recently, being coached by her, and feeling the strength from the other people in the cohort, has given me the courage to be who I really am - and not be intimidated by the
theater of man. This work is elemental, and beyond important for our world. The universe needs your energy to be at its highest level and Rachel can get you there. Rachel curates content for each individual she is coaching based on where you are in your journey and which spiritual layers need attention and skills need development. This was one of the most valuable and empowering investments I've made in myself in my life.”

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“The spiritual transformation coaching program was an eye opening and powerful experience. Through weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Rachel, I was able to do some spiritual excavation with new modalities such as shamanic journeying, tarot, and channeling. These gave me a new lens to view myself and my priorities - I was able to more clearly see what was working for me and what patterns were no longer serving me. The coaching program was also invaluable for developing my astrology practice. Rachel's experience both as a business owner and in corporate was incredibly helpful for thinking about how to build a small business. We were able to work together in identifying my brand and finding the resources to create it. While I haven't done a full launch yet, I know that whenever I decide to, I have what I need to be successful. Rachel was great to work with and really helped me grow.” 



“I can’t recommend Rachel and her coaching program enough! Rachel takes the time to learn about her clients’ interests, strengths, fears and curiosities. Unlike other coaching programs out there, it’s a personalized journey that evolves from week to week and even within a session! She’s not only incredibly skilled in all things spiritual but has an impressive corporate background and is able to marry the two. She has a strong network and finds ways to introduce clients to people who may be of help on their journey. I always looked forward to our time together. I learned so much about myself through this spiritual journey, but also how I can translate it into a business practice!” 


“Being a former student of the coaching program, I can attest to Rachel’s ability to blend business and spirituality seamlessly. I was very new in my healing business and didn’t really know where to go after I received my training. I happened to find Rachel when her TOTEM coaching program was first launched. Every week I was receiving so much valuable insight into myself that I would not have received if it weren’t for Rachel’s guidance and knowledge. I suffered from imposter syndrome and she was able to help me work through it. When working with the “woo”, it’s easy to get stuck, feeling like what you are doing is crazy. Rachel understands this world better than anyone and was able to help me gain clarity and insight into the changes that I was undergoing. I don’t think I would have pursued opening my small business if it wasn’t for her. Her mentorship instilled the courage I needed to follow my heart’s calling. I would not hesitate for a second on working with Rachel - she is the real deal. My life is forever changed for best and I couldn’t have done it without her.” 



“I completed the spiritual coaching program in 2022 while transitioning back to the workplace from parental leave. I was in a place of seeking, attempting to find a balance between my time of being fully in the feminine during my maternity leave and moving back into the masculine where I had spent over 10 years of my career (honestly, well over 3 decades of my life). The program helped me gain a better understanding of my spiritual self in this human experience. Beyond that, the program also helped me tap into some spiritual tools and techniques that I leverage on a continual basis for when the human experience gets to be too much.


One of the things I appreciated most about the program was Rachel herself. There are so many fake coaches out there (you know the ones, the relationship coaches who have never been in a healthy relationship). Rachel comes with a wealth of experience in both the material and spiritual world. She's extremely professional, thorough, and experienced. Most of all, she's legitimate—she knows her craft and is dedicated to helping women expand.


I would recommend this program to anyone, but especially if you're dancing between the material and spiritual—you want to succeed in your career but also want to be in tune with the real world and yourself.” 

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"Rachel-You embody a rare combination of higher intelligence, well roundedness, and a touch of magic that makes you truly special! Your intuition and perspectives have opened my mind to new possibilities and challenged me to grow spiritually and intellectually. But what truly sets you apart is the touch of magic you bring to everything you do. Your honesty, humor, optimism, kindness, and enchanting personality create an atmosphere that is both uplifting and transformative. Your ability to make people feel seen, heard, and valued is a gift that touches the spirit. 

I am forever grateful for your presence in my life as your guidance and support have made a tremendous impact on my spiritual transformation. Your existence makes the world a better place, especially to those of us spirits who struggle to exist among an abundance of low vibration energies here on earth. For anyone out there contemplating transforming their lives, you will be so happy you chose Rachel and TOTEM Readings!"



“When I first read about Rachel’s Spiritual Transformation Coaching Program in the TOTEM newsletter, all of my feelers lit up—I knew instantly that the coaching program was something I had to be a part of! From the way Rachel described how the program would work, I knew that it was a container that would help me identify and integrate the ways my soul communicates with
me. I also knew it would help me alchemize my education, passion, curiosity, intuition, and magic to create a coaching/healing practice that allowed me to be fully authentic in the way I serve in the world. From the very first Zoom call, I loved Rachel and her energy! She’s a complete original in the healing/spiritual/business world—she’s incredibly honest, direct, humble, intelligent, supportive, and ethical, and she uses her incredible psychic medium/shamanic/energetic gifts with respect, discernment, and wisdom.

TOTEM’s Spiritual Coaching Program is unique in that each program member’s curriculum is totally personalized to them. There were no group sessions or containers but simply 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions with Rachel. Having this focused time together to discuss, explore, practice, and learn was such a valuable gift; getting to enjoy this high level of hands-on coaching from such an experienced professional was truly priceless. My 6-month program was completely designed and led by me and the ways in which I wanted to grow myself and build my business. Working with Rachel was not only a TON of fun (she’s absolutely hysterical!) but also like having a living Rolodex of resources on speed dial—need trademarking advice? She’s got it. Need a referral for branding and logo development? Never fear. See 4 crows and a woodpecker just when you have an inspired idea about what a psychic vision might mean and need some clarity? She’s all over that.

This program came along at the exact time I needed it (as most wonderful things do). I’d been going through massive life changes for years, and my business plans and my broken heart were moving forward in fits and spurts. Rachel’s program was a conduit to my personal healing—I was able to explore how spirit and nature magic could support my own recovery. I could access my own wisdom through shamanic journeying, connect with other practitioners to practice a new skill, and crystallize my ideas for building my spirit-led nutrition and ritual wellness business. Rachel’s program allowed a safe and supportive place to discuss all the witchy, magical, and inspired ways I want to serve in the world—and then gave me practical help to bring my ideas into reality. After 3 years of struggling with how to show up professionally in a way that truly resonated with my soul, I am thrilled that my practice now lives and breathes! I’m happier and more peaceful than I’ve been in a very long time because I’ve been able to activate my spirit, heart, and intuition in service to my practice. That means the world to me. I could not be more grateful to Rachel and her wonderful coaching program—it’s been the best investment
I’ve made for myself in years.” 

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