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A post cult life with Abigail Kochunas
The Godessy with Lianne Arends
What feeds your soul with Colleen Soisson
The refugees and the remnants with Roger Oney
Out of the broom closet with Britt Sandkulla Sinclair
The emotional entrepreneur with Scout Sobel
I prefer the pod with Susan Dones
Ralph Sarchie vs Old Scratch
The Tarot Lady with Theresa Reed
All About Angels with Nichole Bigley
Feng Shui Your Life with Summer Sanders
How to be Soul-ish with Whitney Abke
Keep the Dead Close with Angela Gore
No Cheat Code with Elisha Halpin
Shady Shit with Casey Balsham
Star Systems with Kate Waldwick
Thank You for Coming to our Ted Talk with the TOTEM Coaching Roundtable
The Retreat to Move Forward with Tirrell Cherry
The Saturn Diaries with Cardsy B
The Wise Heart with Holly Brodt

“This podcast is phenomenal! Each episode expands my mind further.”

“Rachel is so knowledgeable about all things spiritual and I could listen to her talk about any and all things extraordinary for hours.”

“If you are ready to have your mind blown, this is the podcast for you!”

“The Skeptical Shaman podcast provides listeners unique conversations with people from all walks of life.”

“Each interview delves into interesting and refreshing topics we don’t often see in the world of spiritual podcasts.”

“I really enjoy the diversity of the podcast…really, no two episodes are the same.”

“I get excited each week knowing I can expect the unexpected.”

“But mostly, the podcast is just FUN. And we could all use more fun in our lives!”

“Rachel speaks like a REAL person and shares REAL stories.”

“The episodes are eclectic and often about topics completely new to me opening my curiosity in areas that typically wouldn’t enter my daily life.”

“I’ve found new nuggets of information and some genuine laugh out loud moments.”

“Grateful to have discovered this new podcast!”

“Rachel brings a deeply informed and yes skeptical (in the best sense of the word) view to as
she puts it “the world of woo”.”

“Every episode is smart, compelling and a must-listen.”

“The Skeptical Shaman podcast is eye-opening in all the best ways.”

“Each episode is educational and inspires rabbit hole google searches on topics I’ve never even
thought of before.”

“This podcast is unlike any others I listen to; inspiring curiosity and skepticism.”

“More of this, please!”

“I’ve really been enjoying this podcast as someone who is interested in the “weird woo” stuff,
but also really tired of how that world gets cluttered with spiritual bypassing and toxic “the-
right-positive-attitude-will-cure-you” grifters.”

“Just interesting conversations with interesting people.”

“Obsessed with this podcast.”

“Rachel always knows how to deliver an episode that is honest, refreshing, and eye opening!”

“I love to listen to this podcast. Not only do I learn new things everytime but the conversation
always feels organic.”

“There is no fluff and the discussion always involves practical information and points of view.”

“It’s great to get a little dark humor and fun.”

“It feels like you step into a portal or maybe something like the Akashic Records as I imagine
them--information lined up against massive bookshelves as you take it in bit by bit.”

“Simply expanding what you thought you knew, what you think is real and quite often leading
me to Google the very interesting references she holds as a wealth of spiritual knowledge.”

“Well, I suppose part of being skeptical is that you question everything…and these
conversations will leave you doing just that.”

“What I really enjoy about this podcast is that you never know what Rachel and her guest(s) will
deep dive into.”

“Each week is something new and different—not the same old, same old topics that circulate
through the “world of woo”.”

“It’s refreshing to know that every episode will be edgy and interesting, not shying away from
unpopular subject matter.”

“If you’re someone with an open mind…this pod is for you.”

“I really enjoy this podcast because it is different than any podcast I have heard before.”

“She brings intelligence, wit, and perspective to mystical topics that are unexpected, quirky and
yes, skeptical.”

“I never know what’s coming next so I’m always engaged. Looking forward to seeing where this
season takes us.”

“I love the journey each episode takes you on.”

“This podcast is designed for those of us that are spiritually curious and open to worlds beyond
the mundane.”

“Rachel has assembled a wonderful diversity of voices and lived experiences for this podcast.”

“I’m jonesing for season 2!”

“The Skeptical Shaman Podcast is always thought-provoking and sparks curiosity.”

“I love learning about new things and Rachel brings so much to the table.”

“Being a witch and working in the woo industry, I find the algorithms in my life can get stuck in
a loop and I can always count on Rachel to bring fresh material outside of my 'norm'.”

“Rachel is honest and direct and relatable. I highly recommend The Skeptical Shaman

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