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The TOTEM Tarot Deck is a 78-card tarot deck of high-gloss cards, box, and instruction booklet. Our self-published labor of love encapsulates and embodies the mission of TOTEM Readings, a shamanic practice that has been working with more than a thousand clients for the last decade. The TOTEM Tarot Deck is elemental, modern, and easy to use, and comes with a convenient booklet detailing tarot card meanings and various options for readings. A true collaboration between “The Skeptical Shaman”-Rachel White- and multitalented graphic designer Emma Cook, the TOTEM Tarot Deck offers a pragmatic spiritual technology to meet your spiritual needs in our modern world.


The TOTEM Tarot Deck currently has perfect, 5-star reviews on Amazon; check out what others think of this deck here.


“Sexy beautiful”

Doug M.


“It is just as beautiful and powerful in person as it is online.”

Kelly P.


“The artwork is gorgeous, the card interpretations are deep and rich.”

Sara C.


“This deck is the shit. The real deal…the art is sublime and has magic of its own.”

Mary B.


“There is true energy and depth to every card. The illustrations are so exquisite, I've literally thought about getting a few tattooed on my body!”

Rea F.


“The cards are beautiful…the thought and creative force that went into the creation of the cards is most obvious.”

Kathy O.


“This deck is unique, high-quality, and beautiful…a must buy.”

Amanda C.


“Incredibly beautiful deck. The art is gorgeous and the material is top shelf… There’s a lot of energy in these cards.”

Megan D.


“This is a powerful deck. Powerful. It is now my absolute favorite deck.” -Katie M.


“The TOTEM Tarot Deck feels the most distinctly alive to me of all of them.​”

Carolyn C.


“Minimalist, monochromatic, modern. Steve Jobs’ dream deck. They just hit different… level-up with this deck. You deserve it.”

Claire B.


“The physical quality and beauty of this deck is monumental, but its spiritual power is what makes it truly special.”

Rachel Z.


“I am won over, enthralled by the artwork and stories/characters of the cards.”

Loralyn D.


“The sensory experience is truly exceptional.”

Claire B.

“This is such a departure from traditional Tarot, in the best way. The illustrations in the Totem deck…stimulate your spirituality rather than supplant it.”

“I’m very excited to have received my TOTEM tarot deck. It’s wonderful to see a different, sophisticated approach to Tarot card set up.”

“This deck is unique, high-quality, and beautiful… A must buy.” Amanda C.

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