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Our robust TOTEM Readings Substack Newsletter features Full and New Moon TOTEM Tarot Readings for the collective, as well as Full and New Moon-themed Shamanic Deep Dives exploring the world of woo in unique and engaging ways. Our TOTEM Readings Substack also features our “How to Read Tarot Cards” series, as well as episodes (and early previews) of our podcast, The  Skeptical Shaman.

Not only is TOTEM Readings' owner Rachel White a working shaman, but she’s also a professional freelance writer with more than 20 years’ experience distilling the ineffable into the digestible.

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Here’s what a few of our Substack subscribers have to say about our Newsletter:


“I love your posts! They’re so refreshing, honest and human in a space full of toxic positivity, girl- bossing, MLM-ified spiritualty, and tired spiritual platitudes. Your writing is inspirational, grounded, AND hilarious AF. Thank you so much for putting your content out into the world, I’m incredibly grateful.” 


“I’m the founder of the Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado. We support and encourage individuals to become their own shamans. I believe Rachel White’s work supports what I call spiritual freedom and anarchy. That’s why we are a paid subscriber of the TOTEM Readings Substack.” 


“I’m thrilled to keep subscribing. I thoroughly enjoy reading your Substack- such insightful commentary! Cheers!”


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