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TOTEM has teamed up with Powerhaus to create a game-changing capsule collection of ritual magic candles. Powerhaus is the brainchild of Shelly Gubser, who ideated, incubated and launched her witchy candle company while going through TOTEM’s Spiritual Transformation Coaching Program.


This TOTEM-themed candle line is designed to be different:
 Ritual Magic Spell: these candles feature a custom lid with a tailored, written spell that calls in the right energy to help you manifest what you desire.

Witchy Aromatherapy: we went deep on smells that transport us to an intense sense memory, further supporting the magical woo of the candle experience.


 Infused with TOTEM Flower Essences: we infuse each candle with a proprietary mix of organic, witchy potions: our hand-made TOTEM Flower Essences.

Upscale Goth Vibes: our matte black candles- with lids, for easy travel- will bring a distinctly TOTEM-esque vibe into your house.


These magical candles facilitate a consciously-curated ambiance in which to cultivate your inner  witch.


This capsule collection includes:
 SANCTUARY to clear your space and raise the spiritual vibration in your home. Do you have a friend or client that just purchased a new home? Have you recently moved into a new space? Are the vibes in your casa feeling a little heavy? Do you wish there was an easy way to cut energetic cords, release your workday, and feel safe and secure in your personal sanctuary? This candle is for you! A smell of fresh herbs, sunlight and eucalyptus is paired with an infusion of our TOTEM Holy Water Flower Essence (made of a dozen kinds of sage), this candle acts as a little, portable shaman to clear your space and keep you safe.


SOMA for deep, dream-filled sleep and pleasant night-time visions. Sleep is the most elusive of self-care fundamentals, made all the harder to capture in our world of constant communication, bright screens, and overstimulation. Soma is scented with poppy and cypress to quiet your mind and energy body, and is infused with lavender and valerian TOTEM Flower Essences to manifest a night of calm, deep sleep. This is an ideal gift for a friend that’s been working way too hard, or anyone coming out of a stressful situation. Want prophetic dreams? Light this baby and watch the magic unfold. Consider this candle a competitive advantage in life.

SEANCE for connection to ghosts and ancestors. The ultimate Halloween gift, our SÉANCE candle sets the mood for magic with the ephemeral aromatherapy of leather books, dust and other quiet, spooky smells found at an old school séance. Infused with marigold from our TOTEM Dead Grandma Flower Essence, this candle will facilitate connection to the other side: spirit guides, ancestors and even (friendly) ghosts. Just light this puppy and get ready to commune with spirit.

TOTEM ANIMAL for meeting your animal familiar and connecting with your personal TOTEM. Do you want to know what your TOTEM Animal is? Do you want visions and visits from your furry or feathered (or scaled) friend? This is the candle for you! Place it on your home altar, light the wick, and watch the spiritual bestiary grow in your presence. Already have a TOTEM animal? Great! Use this candle to honor your animal friend and your connection. TOTEM animals infuse us with vital life force energy, connect us to nature, and equip us with spiritual and energetic gifts.

DRAGON LADY for female entrepreneurs and professionals to step into abundance, take back their power, and do it all without falling victim to imposter syndrome. Lean in with the smells of cash money, rain, and metallic saffron, suffusing your space with “rain- making” aromatherapy. Infused with TOTEM Dragon Lady Flower Essence- made of hand-picked snapdragon blooms- this candle maximizes manifestation potential, enabling you to tune into the flow state of abundance and deal-making. DRAGON LADY
supports you from ideation to innovation to launch to financial success.

Each candle is $55 with free shipping.
This capsule collection is literally being hand made as you read this, so message us HERE to be included on the Wait List and receive priority access to this beautiful, magical objects.

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